Saturday, August 15, 2009

Braiding class anyone?

Keslee, the little mama of the house, is always trying to "mother" her little sister. She loves to brush Kalysa's hair and try out different styles which usually means rubber bands tangled throughout and tons of every kind of barrette that she could find. The other day I heard the water running in the kitchen and went to check it out. I found Kalysa laying on the counter as Keslee washed her hair in the sink. This is something they both love for me to do but not something that we do often. After Keslee finished washing Kalysa's hair, she had her in the bathroom and was starting her styling session. I intervened and taught Keslee how to part the hair to avoid a tangled mess. That was ALL the help that she would allow from me and I was promptly sent out of the room when the part was complete. When she finally finished, Kalysa emerged looking normal(for lack of a better word) and Keslee was grinning ear to ear with her best grown up grin as we all ooohhhed and aaahhhed at her accomplishment.

I asked Keslee how she knew how to braid and she just said "you showed me mom". Thinking back, I have shown them both how to do it. I have shown them as they watch me do their sister's hair and many times I have helped fix a baby doll's hair but, although I often talk them through the tasks that they are watching me do, I have never set down and given them step by step direction in the how to's of braiding hair. I have never purposely had a hair braiding class with the intention of teaching. As far as I have ever seen, this is Keslee's first attempt to actually do it and I was amazed. This is another perfect example of why I believe homeschooling is soooo important. My girls will only learn to be a mother and a wife by seeing me do it. If they were at school all day while I was at work all day, how much mothery/wifey kinda stuff would they see? Not much in the 2-3 hours after work before bedtime that we would actually be able to spend together! Have I ever mentioned before that I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!?!?


Anonymous said...

Hi Charlynne,

I can only imagine how proud you were of Keslee! The "little" accomplishments lead to the big accomplishments don't they? What an inspiring post! Tell Keslee " good job" for us.
Love ya!

Lawanda said...

Aww that is so sweet :) She did a great job!!

char said...

I just love when kids prove us wrong. I don't know why I would think a 7 year old couldn't braid hair. Man, they just grow up so fast. I told Keslee you both said she did such a good job and she wanted me to tell ya both "thank you"

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