Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coincidence? I think not!

Meteor showers have been all the rage around here the last few days. My son has his telescope ready and has been waiting all week to see the showers. Unfortunately, we had a stormy rainy day yesterday with lingering clouds last night and we didn't get to see anything. Today is dry and clear so hopefully we will be able to see some tonight.

So thinking about the meteors and talking with my friend about how awesome it is to see these things and experience God's creation with our children has got me to thinking about the fact that we know exactly when and where these things happen every year. Meteor showers, comets, eclipses-all these space age phenomenons are on a schedule. Scientist and astrologers know when and where these events are going to occur. We can prepare for them. There is order in the universe. Evolution tells us that our world and everything in it happened all by chance but now, all of a sudden, things are so controlled that we know exactly when things are gonna fall from the sky because it happens in the same area at the same time of year over and over for hundreds of years of recorded history? Chaos has never created control in my personal life so why would I ever believe it happened that way for the universe.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Char!
I will never forget the light bulb that went off in my head when Emma and I studied creation in kindergarten. The bible verses we studied and memorized about the sun, moon and stars were so eye opening. I was struggling, ( and still am) with being unorganized, chaos in my home because there was no order or direct purpose in a day. I felt like a hamster in a wheel. I had been praying for wisdom and direction. We started studying creation. We went over each day of creation, verse by verse. As we learned and just read his awsome and simple plan for creation it all began to be see clear. Just like creation being so precise and planned and purposeful, our lives should be the same way. We are not just here because we evolved from a monkey, we are here because we were created for a purpose. How awesome to think that when I " all of us" were created God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good! Thank God he didn't change his mind mid creation and make us into monkeys!
God Bless Char!

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