Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yeah! Just What She Said!

This whole healthcare reform bill is really scary. I have not had the chance to read the whole thing but I do have a link to it that I can go back to as time permits. What I have read is frightening and dare I say evil. Our president is telling the citizens to stop listening to the protesters and the conservative radio hosts and basically just listen to him. Every time I hear Obama talk he sounds more and more like Big Brother and I don't like it. It just amazes me that anyone would still put one ounce of trust in this guy. I am telling ya, the majority of the remarks I have heard from protesters of Obama's healthcare reform are RIGHT ON. Their objections come straight from the words in this bill and Obama is lying to people that have not and probably will not read it for themselves. Redink has a terrific post about the difference in gaining information and actually applying knowledge. More Americans need to start applying some knowledge to their decisions instead of just soaking up information and calling themselves smart. You can make an educated decision on this bill without having to read all 1200 or so pages of it if you just apply the principles redink has spelled out for us. Please head on over and read what she has to say because she has laid it all out perfectly-way better than I would be able to.


redink said...

Thank you for linking me, Char.
It is encouraging to hear the discussion going on in spite of Obama's attempt to marginalize and worse, intimidate and quell the voice of the people. Those are dictitorial tactics and I think many people are beginning to wake up to that fact.

Your blog is a wonderful addition to the voices out there who love God and their freedom.
...and your family is beautiful!

char said...


Thanks!!! Everyday we are seeing more and more reports about people protesting and showing up at town hall meetings and speaking out for our freedoms and then we have a president that is saying "don't listen to them" and senators cancelling their town halls because they dont what to face the American people with questions and others in government saying the thousands of people now standing up and speaking out "are not representative of how Americans feel". The entire government is like trying to watch a 3 ring circus and I am SO glad to see more people speaking out now than I have ever witnessed before in my lifetime. I am proud to be one tiny voice in a sea of many just trying to say "WAIT A MINUTE!!! SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT HERE!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Char!

LA LA LAND! Hello! I don't need to research, the things you say just can't be true! I have better things to think about. The president and his people know what's best for me and my family. Besides the president is kinda cute and his wife wears shorts. Just like me!! They adopted a dog from the pound for goodness sakes, leave it alone!! HA HA HA HA HA HA !
Love ya !

char said...

Paging Amy! Come in Amy! Come out of LA LA LAND and back to the thinking world!

Praise the Lord that neither of us is really stuck in LA LA LAND. LOVE YA!

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