Saturday, August 8, 2009

Children's Festival

Several churches in town put on a children's festival last weekend on Friday evening and all day Saturday. It was all free and there were games and rides and face painting and clowns and Bible stories and even free hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn and snow cones. Well any mother knows how much a night of not having to cook is really worth so we were there. The kids had a TOTAL blast with 2 days of good clean fun and play. Ok, so maybe it wasn't all clean-they also had a section set up with water guns, a slip and slide, a blow up water slide, and a huge tarp covered in dish soap and sprayed with a water hose to slide around on. I convinced the kids to save the water play until just before we were ready to leave each day so they were not running around in dripping wet clothes while they enjoyed the other activities. Here are some pictures from our fun.

Keslee waiting for her balloon lady bug.

Kalysa got a balloon flower. For some reason we did not get a picture of it until after we got home and they had already changed out of their wet clothes.

Kenyon went for the hat and he also had a balloon sword to go with it. One of the clowns did some magic tricks and demonstrated to the kids how Jesus was not in the tomb with a disappearing dice in a box. It was a pretty cool trick.
They had tons of carnival type games. Here is Keslee trying to toss a ring around a sucker.

Kenyon was pretty good at this and played it several times.

Kalysa's rings kinda went every which way but on a sucker but she still had fun. They also did things like skee ball, a bull's eye toss, bean bag toss and lots of other games.

Every third or forth booth was a Bible story booth. Here is a picture of Keslee throwing ping pong balls at Goliath to see if she would be able to hit him right in the forehead on the first try like David did.

Here is Kalysa jumping in the bouncy thingy. I never have really know what the technical name for those are but I am betting yall all know what a bouncy thingy is. Notice the remains of as many as you want free snow cones down the front of her shirt:)

One of the big highlights of the day for the girls was the huge blow up slide. They must have gone down this thing a thousand times. It looks like so much fun. Why didn't they have these things when we were kids?!?
They also had a blow up obstacle course for two kids to race. It was so much fun to watch them running, and diving over obstacles. Poor Kalysa is just a little to short and had a few problems trying to get over them. She always ended up landing head first.

Keslee probably could have beat Kalysa if she wasn't stopping to make sure Kalysa got over everything. She is such a good big sister and didn't want to leave Kalysa behind. After they top this wall, there was another big slide to go down to finish the race.

Besides just the games they also had a petting zoo. Kalysa was pretty intimidated by the animals even though they were all small but she did soften up to the baby donkey. When the mama donkey came over, she started crying because "she was gettin too close!"

Kenyon spent so much time with this llama that the owner finally gave him the food and he spent a long time feeding him.
Keslee could have spent hours in here with these little donkeys. She also loved the baby goat and the calf and is now ready for us to move to the country and start getting some farm animals. I am all for that as well but I don't really see it in the near future. Keslee has started praying for this so ya never know what God may do.

Next to the petting zoo was a pony ride. My kids LOVE to ride horses but haven't had the opportunity much lately.

Here is Keslee looking oh so happy atop that horse.

It is really a good thing that this is not a large horse because when I was helping Kalysa on, the horse stepped on the leaders foot. When the guy pushed the horse to get him off his foot, the horse jumped back and to the side and stepped on my foot. I said "OWWWWW" which scared the horse and he did a little hop off of my foot but with Kalysa already sitting on his back so she was just a little nervous about the rest of the ride. She did just fine and so did the horse!

They even had something for the parents.....FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!
Each kid got a sack so we got 3 boxes of colors and 3 scissors, lots of pencils, erasers, some paint, some markers, several folders and spiral notebooks and plenty of glue sticks. They also had drawings for prizes and Keslee won the Pixos and Kenyon won a toy rocket.
We also got several free boxes of Kleenex and bottles of hand sanitizer. You got one for each child you signed up for a drawing. Monty came for awhile on Saturday and didn't know I had already signed the kids up so he did it as well. I can ALWAYS use Kleenex around here:)
Each game, ride or Bible story the kids participated in awarded them tickets that they were able to redeem for prizes. They each got color books, hacky sacks. frisbees, parachute men, bracelets little animals, suckers, and the girls got little batons. The kids had so much fun and look forward to the children's festival each year.

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