Wednesday, November 19, 2008


OK so I have been bad the last few weeks about keeping up with my blessings list. I will try to get on and stay on track STARTING.....NOW

1.Seeing how God provided for the church to get over 3000 sq feet of tile work done in the new building for next to nuthin-I still don't know how it happened but it looks beautiful!!
2.Brother Deandre-of course for his tile work but more so for the messages he preached. He had such a way with bringing the Bible to life and making me see how REAL it is. It is not just a bunch of stories. This is history. These things really happened just as sure as Pilgrims sailed over on the Mayflower. I could SEE it and FEEL it on the ark and going up the mountain with Abraham and Isaac. WOW! What an impact God made on my heart through him.
3.Heather and the baby making it to church-I missed her so much(and boy isn't he a cutie!!)
4.Nathaniel getting to go home for good! I am so happy for Mamie and can't wait until Jeremiah is returned as well.
5.Casey and Gabby getting saved on Sunday and Kalysa asking more questions about it daily.
6.My son the witness for God-He came to me and told me"Jonathon and Cyrus know!" I said Know what? He said"know about God. I asked them who made the World and they said God! They know it was God and not evolution!" He has also been drilling Kalysa on getting saved and making sure she understands-he even got out our "Story of Jesus" video to watch with her and explain to her as the story progressed.
7.Kenyon (again) I often wondered if the day would ever come with him but the last few weeks he has really been listening during church. That is why he is feeling such a sense of urgency about Kalysa getting saved. It is just so wonderful to see him on fire for the Lord.
8.Keslee wanting to serve(or at least play with babies) at church. She asked why I have to sometimes work in the nursery. I explained that being a member of the church, I shared the responsibility of taking care of the babies so their mamas could hear the message too. She said"I'm Saved! I got baptized! I am a member of this church! Why can't I work in the nursery? You know I could do it! You know I can take care of those babies!!" (truth be told-she probably could)
9.getting to talk to my sister or my sister in law or my brother or my grandma or my dad or all of the above just about everyday. So many people don't have good relationships with their family and I just really cherish the relationships we have even when we don't all agree all the time. (and of course I talk to mom-we do a paper route together everyday)
10.Homeschooling!!! We are almost done with a semester and it is still going really well! Both of my girls are reading and Kenyon and Jacinta(and I) are really learning a lot about geography and other parts of the world. It is so hard to imagine that just about 2 years ago I was one of those mom's that really couldn't stand to be with my kids 24/7 ans now I can't imagine not being with them. We have a relationship that is completely different than it was a few years back. I truly believe I was "created 4 homeschooling" and I thank God all the time for opening my eyes to that. I could not imagine going through life and missing out on what we have gained as a family through homeschooling. I LOVE IT!!!

Ok- so I went a little long on explanations of each blessing-does that make up for my lack of listing the last few weeks? I hope you are all feeling and seeing blessings of your own. Have a great rest of the week!

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Heidi A. said...

What a BEAUTIFUL blog! You inspire!

Thanks for commenting on my daughter's blog! THat meant a lot to her!

We'd LOVE to add you to our new list if you're okay with that. It's a place for homeschooling bloggers. If you're interested then just leave a comment there with your blog name and we'll add you! It's so nice to know of so many families who have chosen homeschoooing as the best thing for their family!

Bless you all!

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