Tuesday, November 18, 2008


On Tuesday nights, mom usually stays(and John and Jacinta) for supper. Tonight mom brought with her some hot cocoa mix. Of course this is a real treat for the kids. Everyone loves hot chocolate!! so after supper we all had our cup of hot chocolate and Kalysa says...

Kalysa-If daddy comes home right now, I'm gonna put my cup down and give him a kiss.

Now that is love! Even though it is still several hours before daddy is due home, she is prepared to put down her hot chocolate just to give him a kiss. I told ya she is a daddy's girl!


Anonymous said...

AWW How sweet! Kids are so cute.

char said...

I tell ya, that girl would give up anything for a kiss or hug from daddy. She is the only one I know that wakes up puking and calling for daddy(most sick kids just want mama but not this one-and I am not complainin!!) or sees a bug and crys for daddy or learned her days of the week counting down to Saturday because daddy gets to stay home all day. I have seen daddy's girls before but nothing like Kalysa!! She Loves her daddy!!

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