Friday, November 7, 2008

I think we are all better now...

Well last Sunday night/Monday morning(about 1am) Keslee started us off. She came and climbed in bed with me and within about 3.25 minutes, was throwing up all over my bed. I got to clean that up plus clean the bathroom(she had been there before my bed), and also clean her up. Nothing like giving baths at 2 am! I finally got about 1.8 hours of sleep when Monty woke me up to go do my paper route and also let me know Kalysa had gotten up and was following her big sisters lead. He had been sweet enough to take care of that and let me get a little sleep. Monday evening Monty called from work saying he felt awful but was gonna stick it out. When he got home, he brought with him a fever of 101 and missed the next 2 days of work. Then it hit me as well. I believe we went through about 8 rolls of toilet paper in the last 5 days. Someone was always in the bathroom either "hugging" it or "sitting" on it. Kenyon was the only one that somehow escaped. He did complain of his stomach hurting several times and was extra gassy but he kept everything down. Yesterday was the first day that everyone was feeling better(although no one is still really eating much) so I went to the store and got Lysol-bleach-and toilet cleaner with bleach. My house now smells like a hospital but (trust me) it is way better than what it did smell like!! Hopefully I have killed any lingering remains of this evil virus that attacked us.

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