Friday, November 7, 2008

God Is Bigger than the Boogy Man!!

Don't really know what to say about the election yet so I will just put it to you all the same way I put it to my dear sweet concerned little six year old.

With election coverage playing on the tv, Keslee takes notice of something said and says...

Kes-Are we losing John McCain?
me-Yes we are.
Kes-Oh no! Now do we have to live in a cave? (fyi-she did not get that idea from me but from another child that is a bit older than her)
me-Of Course Not! Why would we have to live in a cave?
Kes-If we lose John McCain, Obama will be the president and we will all have to live in a cave!
me-Is God bigger than the Boogy Man(veggie tales song from a scared in the dark video)
me-Well then God is bigger than Barak Obama too!!

End of Story!

just to clarify-I am not opposed to living in a cave if that need does arise but as of right now-I am not looking for one (YET!)

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