Friday, November 14, 2008


Kenyon and Jacinta had another experiment today. We have learned that the arch shape is the strongest shape in architecture. We have also learned that you can not break an egg in your hand by squeezing it because the force of your hand is spread out over the entire egg. Keslee has started going through the days of creation and Kalysa has been learning about how God made everything wonderful. He thought of everything in regards to everything he created. There is no way it could have all happened just by chance. So today's experiment really tied into everyone's studies. We had 4 empty egg shells standing on their open ends and stacked books on them to see how much wieght they would support. The kids were all amazed that they did not break after the first book and were really surprised when we got 7 big books to set atop the 4 egg shells. They stayed for a minute and then the back corner gave in. I believe they could have held more if it weren't for human error. Only one egg crushed and the other 3 did not even crack. When I drained the eggs and broke one end off, I could not get them all 4 exactly even. I believe that is why the one did not make it longer. Either way, we put the books on the scale and discovered the egg shells held 24.5 pounds. Pretty Amazing!!

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Anonymous said...

That is such a cool homeschool project! So incredible!!!

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