Thursday, November 20, 2008


We are finishing up our study of South America tomorrow(we just have some reading to do and we are trying to make lapbooks). We have had a very interesting time in Brazil. The animals around the amazon jungle are just amazing. It is just crazy how many different types of monkeys or birds there are that we have never ever heard mention of-and they are so beautiful. It would truly be the most amazing experience to get to see it all first hand. And that brings me to our church. We have a missionary, Brother Musgrave, that spent about 30 years in Venezuela. He is just amazing!! We are reading the Story of Nate Saint and I was talking with Brother Musgrave about the jungle and he told me he had spent a week in the Amazon Jungle clearing an area for a landing strip-he has witnessed to jungle tribes-WHO IS GONNA WRITE BROTHER MUSGRAVE'S STORY?!?!? I am serious!! The world will truly miss out if there is not a book written about the missionary life of Howard and Naomi Musgrave! Ok, so back to Nate Saint...the kids and I enjoyed this story even more than Cameron Townsand. It is just amazing. If you know nothing about Nate Saint(which I did not) I would really recommend you read up on him. It is just so wonderful and inspiring to see what Christian Heroes have gone through for the Glory of God. Kenyon and Jacinta wanted to look up pictures of Nate on the internet and I found something written by his son. I think you should all read this. Just makes ya wonder-Will I have a faith strong enough to stand up for my Lord even when the going gets real tough? I pray that I will and I pray that I am able to instill it in my children so that they will because I believe the tough times are comin.

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