Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am guilty of being naive. Naive about the condition of our world. I was raised in a small Texas town where everybody went to church somewhere and our science teachers actually taught evolution as a theory. I know that there are people that do not know about God but they are all in far off lands-right? I know that lots of people do some really horrible things but they all really know they are wrong and feel the guilt and-even if they refuse to-know they should be asking for forgiveness-right? I know there are people that say they do not believe in God but deep down they really do and even as they reject him they know he is there-right?


This election has opened my eyes in more ways than one. I have listened to more people flat out deny the existence of God on national tv and make fun of Sarah Palin JUST for her faith. I have read blogs where people will argue and fight for someone else to have the right to kill a baby(the most disgusting thing I have seen was when asked about tax payer funded abortions, a women said she was fine with her money paying for that because it pays for births through medicaid and abortions were cheaper births). I have heard Obama supporters listen to his own words and then deny he said what he said.

I know that when you accept Jesus Christ he will open your eyes. My eyes have been opened wider and wider the past few years but now I know that because I was saved at an early age my eyes were never completely closed. I may have had bad eyesight because I was not actively seeking the Lord's truth but I never realized before what it meant to be truly blind. THERE ARE A WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE THAT ARE IN TOTAL DARKNESS! I mean darkness darker than any darkness I have ever not seen before. I have been in shock for sometime now as it sinks in just how far gone some people are into the abyss. I just never imagined that it was really that bad and for that I ask my Lord to forgive me of my ignorance.

Because of that ignorance, I would never think twice about calling my kids my monkeys. They are so cute and they climb on EVERYTHING and they make messes and they are loud. I love monkeys and I love my kids. My kids make me think of monkeys. It wasn't until I saw homeschool blogs with big labels claiming "I am an EVOLVED Homeschooler" that I even thought about it....someone may really think I think my kids actually are/were monkeys. Evolution is the most ridiculous theory I have ever heard. I have never for a minute of my life thought that it could be true. There are sooooooo many things that disprove it that I really believed the only people that still held on to it were scientists because they just did not want to admit how stupid they sounded. I have never called my child my rowdy little monkey actually thinking that people once were monkeys; just like when Monty calls me deer he doesn't believe that we started out as deer at some point in history; and when I call him honey I never believed that he was once made by a swarm of bees. The Bible tells us to avoid giving even the appearance of unrighteousness so for this reason, I will be changing the address of this blog. I would not want ONE single person to think even for a moment that homeschoolingmymonkeys was some reference to us evolving from nothingness to monkeys to us. I do not want to give ONE single person the impression that I do not know my CREATOR. I pray that anyone that reads my blog will know that I know and love the Lord Jesus Christ but there are too many opportunities on the web for someone to see only the address and not the content and be misled. I have not yet come up with the perfect name to change it to but I will email anyone in my address book with the new name. If I don't have your email address or you have any suggestions for my new name, please leave me a comment. I don't know that I have any real loyal readers, but if so, I really am sorry for the hassle the name change may be.

update:As you can tell, the new name has been decided and the entire look of the blog was updated. Thanks to anyone that reads and I hope you enjoy your glimpse into my head and home!


Anonymous said...

Love the new name and the look. I guess I would have never tumbled to the name and connection also. Just as naive as you. I love rainbows. I put one on my front car tag place and had a stranger and then my step son make a comment about it being a "gay" symbol. ARG! Had to take one of Gods beautiful gifts off my car. Sick and Sad!
Love to all, DeDe

char said...

It really is sad-the condition of this world-but even though they may try to take "symbols" from God's creation, nobody can take the beauty out of the sky each time he places it there for us all to see!

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