Monday, February 23, 2009

Kalysa update....

At the end of January, Kalysa had botox injections in the left leg. This is the 4th time she has had botox. We know that it will not completely solve the problem. Her muscles in that leg are soooo tight that she will eventually have to have surgery but hopefully we can get it to stretched some to help her walk without being all the way up on her toes. She LOVES getting the casts. I think that they probably relieve a lot of the pressure when she is walking. She is not slowed down AT ALL. She runs and plays as much if not more than she does without it. She gets to pick the color each week. She will have 4 different casts, 1 each week for a month. The first week she picked PINK.

The second week she decided to go with PURPLE. She was so excited to get to church after she got it on so that she could show Mrs. Connie. Our preacher's wife TOTALLY LOVES purple!!! The picture below is right after we finished our bath in the kitchen sink. It is really a good thing Kalysa is still so tiny(about 36 pounds) so that she still fits in the sink. Sister got to be the first one to sign this one.

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