Monday, February 23, 2009

When you have been the MaMa to a BOY for 10 whole years, Ya Learn a Few Things!

Of course when a boy gets to have a date with dad he is sure to get things that mom would probably never spend the money on. When Monty and Kenyon came home Saturday from the monster truck rally, Kenyon was very excited to show us his new toys. He got a small monster truck that has the little pull cord thingie that revs up the tires and makes the truck go flying across the floor-on 2 wheels if you pull it hard enough. Now that one mama may have given in to. It is the other one I would have never gotten, the digger disc. This is a frisbee type disc that you spin and throw and it flies better than any frisbee ever though about flyin. Now I am not saying that the thing is not cool and I KNOW any boy would love to have it and it is no surprise daddy got it. The reason I would have said "NO" is because I have been the mama of a boy for 10-almost 11-years now and I know exactly what will happen to a toy as cool and aerodynamic as the digger disc....

You guessed it!!! About 5 minutes after he was home, Kenyon was climbing the tree in our front yard trying to retrieve his beloved digger disc. Luckily it was not too high up and he was able to climb up and shake the poor thing loose. It was probably a whole 10 minutes after that he came in with tears in his eyes to say it was now in Mrs. Barbara's tree across the street(which if you look real close you can see in the picture above). Well this time there was no way to climb up and get it because it was a good 30 feet in the air on some branches that are lucky to hold the squirrels that frequent our neighborhood. So what is a boy to do when his FAVORITE toy that he has owned for a whole hour(counting the drive home from the city) is now stuck 30 feet up in a tree......

....OF COURSE!! Start duck taping as many long sticks as you can find all together and try to make one 30 foot long pole to reach up and retrieve that precious disc!!

and if that is still not long enough-add a water noodle from the garage to add another 5 feet or so. Now if that still does not work and your disc has to spend the night all alone in that tree-after church talk your daddy into getting the 20 foot extension ladder out of the garage and THEN use the duck taped concoction to reach that disc. Now that is a photo I wish I would have gotten but I had already laid down for a nap with no knowledge of what was transpiring outside. Well daddy saved the day and Kenyon was able to take his digger disc to church that night and he got to show all the other kids just how awesome it will fly.....It took off... and that disc flew.... straight up....up and landed right on the roof of the church! Luckily it was not too far from the edge and the preacher's son was able to find a long piece of wood that would reach it so it did not have to be left there. Yep! That digger disc was rescued from 2 trees and the roof of one church to come back home with the boy that loves it. And now-Monday night-just a mere 2 days after Kenyon and his beloved disc were introduced-that disc is gonna stay right were he can see is sitting safe and sound....on a LIMB IN COLTON'S TREE(neighbor behind us) for the night.
Tomorrow is another day in the life and rescue missions of Kenyon and his Digger Disc!

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