Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nothing To Do!

Kenyon: The boys(neighbors) are getting ready to go to there dad's. Can I play on the computer.

Mom:No. Why don't you go play?

Kenyon: there is nothing to do!

Mom:It is a beautiful day! Go play outside.

Kenyon:There is nothing to do out there.

Mom:Run around-get some exercise.

Kenyon:There is nothing to do!

Mom:Climb a tree. Play a game.

Kenyon:THERE IS NOTHING TO DO EXCEPT ALL THE STUFF YOU THINK OF!(walking off sad with nothing to do.)

So what is a boy to do when there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do except a whole list of fun things his mama thinks of. There is no way you can ever admit your mama may have a good idea and actually DO one of those things! I guess my poor son is resigned to a boring day inside grumbling and sulking around the house with nothing to do on this beautiful 72 and sunny day. My poor poor sad little boy.

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