Tuesday, February 17, 2009

letter to my long lost blog

Well this has been the longest I have stayed away from blogging since I started. I have missed you my beautiful blog!!! I have thought of you often and have several pictures saved and memories stored in my brain to retell on you. I have had several moments that I needed you- my new found outlet- for pent up emotions that you let me release and never hold against me. Everything I need for the next great blog post is there except for the time. I can never seem to find the time to get my thoughts collected and my photos downloaded and my fingers typing. This month has been so full. We have had meetings at church, a death in the family, a couples retreat, tornadoes, friends that needed help, and to top it all off-kids that need some good home-trainin! I promise I will be back to normal posting soon. There is so much I have to share. Please don't forget me. I miss you my little bloggy blog but I will be back soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh you are too funny. I have missed you! And your blog too!

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