Tuesday, May 5, 2009

89ers Day!

Every year, Guthrie holds an 89er Day celebration commemorating the original land runs in Oklahoma. It is an event I have been to (almost) every year of my life. There is a parade, carnival, rodeo and of course tons of family members and cook outs. Even though I grew up in Texas, we drove to Guthrie in April for 89ers. I remember sitting on the curb watching the parade and waiting for one of the floats to throw out candy. That curb was always full of cousins-Sandy, Holley, Chastanie, Chuck, Chris, Char, Stephanie, Kevin, Eugene, and when we were a little older we sometimes got to bring a friend from Texas with us for the weekend. Well the names have changed on that curb but it is still the same......

Kenyon, Keslee, Kalysa, Peyton, Hunter, Alyssa, Aliyah, Mia, Ashton, Ashlynne-and some friends Gabby, Nathaniel, Jeriamiah. I LOVE seeing all the cousins together! They love each other so much and have so much fun together. My kids cousins all live about 2 hours away but they get to see each other often enough to be best friends. When it is time for 89ers, the kids do not ask "Are they coming" but "What time will they be here!?!" Just thought I would share some photos of cousins having a blast together...

Kalysa coming down the big slide

Nathaniel. Gabby, Jacinta, Keslee preparing for take off!

Kalysa and Kenyon also waiting.

Kalysa and Aliyah on the dragon roller coaster

Keslee, Nathaniel, and Gabby on the coaster.

Nathaniel and Kalysa saddle up

Gabby and Keslee do a little trick riding!

We did not get to go to the rodeo this year but spent extra time at the carnival. This was the one year we really got our moneys worth for the ride bracelet. All three kids are now tall enough to ride just about EVERYTHING. I still was a little surprised that my baby girls were not only tall enough but READY to ride everything. They rode every single ride there except for the Zipper(Kenyon rode that one!) and the Power Surge(that one is a little much for any of them!!). They wore their mama out running from ride to ride and back again but they had so much fun. I can't help but think about the memories we made as kids like.....
times Chuck and I used to see how many flips we could do in the Zipper(if I remember right it was in the high 30's!)

One of the Duke Boys(Duke's of Hazard) was in the parade
The HUGE American flag that stretched from one side of the street to the other as it was carried and the entire crowd stood up and clapped
The Shriners coming out in their bowling pin cars
Dancing along to the marching bands
The "gun fights" in the street
Trying to trick dad into riding the Ferris Wheel so we could watch him freak out at the top
The list could go on and on. I love those memories and I am so glad that my kids are making the same type of memories with their cousins every year. It is such a special time when you look up and see you are surrounded by family!

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