Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Trip to the E.R.

Sundays are the one day a week I run all day on a few hours of sleep, actually sometimes it is more like minutes. I have never been an early to bed early to rise kind of person. Even when I have to be an early to rise person-the early to bed part always gets me. I normally do not get to bed until AT LEAST midnight each night. On Sundays I have to get up around 2:30 am to deliver Sunday papers. I get home between 6:00 and 7:oo am. I then get to sleep until about 8:30am before getting up for church. After church, we come home, eat lunch and lay down for a nap of (hopefully) 2 hours before heading back to church. I have tried many times to adjust my schedule but the world is against me. It is not possible for me to get any more sleep. Yesterday, I was determined to change that. We had eaten supper, dishes were all put in the dish washer and everyone's church clothes were neatly laid out for the next morning by 7:30pm. The kids had all gone back outside to enjoy the last minutes of day with the understanding that they had 20 minutes until everyone was inside and baths were started. I had EVERYTHING set up to be able to be in bed by 9:00pm-10:00 at the latest-what could go wrong? WELL I WILL TELL YA....Kalysa decided to spend a portion of her last 20 minutes on brother's skateboard. Kalysa is my most cautious one so she would NEVER try to stand up on the skateboard, she sits on her knees. Our driveway is a pretty steep hill so she wont ride down it either, she was in the neighbors driveway which barely has an incline at all. Well she hits some gravel, the skateboard stopped and she didn't stop-instead she fell over the end of it onto her face. She scraped up her nose and forehead, ended up with a HUGE fat lip and a missing front tooth. Kenyon and Keslee came running and screaming that Kalysa got hurt and Monty and I went running. Colton was already with her and had her picked up and trying to comfort her. I brought her in the house and got her cleaned up some but she would not really let me see(apparently she is so cautious because she also FREAKS OUT at the sight of her own blood!!). Her top lip was SOOOOO fat that I was afraid the tooth was lodged in it (we looked for it in the drive way and didn't find it) so we headed to the ER. Well the tooth is gone, she probably swallowed it. Her lip was very swollen from the impact but amazingly was not even cut. Her gum is pretty torn up and bruised but it doesn't look like the tooth broke off-luckily it ALL came out. My kids took after their mama so we don't loose baby teeth until between 7 and 8 years old. At least it was a baby tooth so the permanent tooth should come in fine-even though it may take a year or two. I will spend tomorrow trying to get her into a dentist just to double check. Well needless to say, we didn't get home from the ER until about 9:00 and THEN had to do baths and the girls hair and I got to bed about 11:30. It was a little earlier than midnight but not what I was hoping for! Now I just have to get used to seeing my baby girl smile with out her tooth. Oh well, I had to do it when Keslee was 2 and knocked her tooth out, but that is a whole different story!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord it was a baby tooth!! Let her know that we will pray for her. I am sure she is still BEAUTIFUL!
How did you do? I always freak out, Hubby is the calm one.

char said...

Other way around for us. I am very calm and go into "do what ya gotta do" mode. Sometimes after everything is over and I am alone I will let it all out but I do good in the moment. Monty is the freaker outer!!! Tears have come to his eyes 3 times since I've known him-1. when kenyon cut his finger at about 1 year old(band-aid cut not even stiches or anything). 2. When we went canoeing and flipped and for some reason he thought he was gonna die. He freaked out and didn't know which way was up. 3.this time. All though since he has gotten saved he does much better.

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