Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, we made the trip to Shreveport on Sunday. It started off a little rough. We had the same driver that we had last time. His driving kinda scared me last time and he got a little gripey so I was really hoping for a different driver. After we left the city, we had to stop and pick up another patient in Norman. When we got there, they had 3 passengers instead of 2 and the driver was upset about that and decided we needed a bigger van so we went back to Oklahoma city. He then decided he no longer wanted to make the trip so the shriners got us a new driver, Max. He turned out to be the nicest most caring guy and his driving did not scare me a bit. I apologized to the other riders that they had to wait on us to go back and get the big van since they kinda got mixed into the middle of a prayer answered for me. They were fine with that and were actually happy to have the other driver instead. Monday morning we checked into the hospital and basically got to play ALL day. We had to talk to doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, therapists. child life experts, human resource people, and probably some others I am forgetting. Kalysa had free reign over 2 different play rooms and an outside play ground. There were movies, video games, dolls, lego tables, color books, video games, kitchen sets, rocking horses, bikes, swings and tons more. She had a total blast! So much so that she said "I LOVE coming to have surgery! This place is fun!" Of course that was before any surgery actually took place! :) Finally around 4 pm, we saw the surgeon. By that time Kalysa was so tired that she fell asleep on the table as he was stretching her and taking measurements. Because she was asleep, he got to feel her muscles COMPLETELY relaxed for the first time ever and decided things were not as bad as he originally thought. Instead of doing surgery on 3 muscles, he only needed to do it on 1! Of course, he can not guarantee that the others will not need any thing done later but he really believes that one muscle is the cause of the problems. What that means is instead of a week in the hospital and 3 weeks of therapy in the hospital in OKC and walking with a walker we have a short leg walking cast for a month, one more night in the hospital here and NO in patient therapy in the city!! I KNOW!!! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!!! The surgery was this morning and lasted less than an hour. She did great and is resting in her room now. She has a red cast on and has said her leg hurts once but has not said anything else and is now asleep so she hasn't even taken pain medicine yet. We have called the shriners in OKC and they have a van coming down today with one patient so we should be able to hop on with them to go home tomorrow. All I can say is GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! Thank you all for your prayers for us, they have worked and the Lord has surprised us once again with blessings we surely don't deserve. I am so grateful for His love and mercy!


Anonymous said...

YAY!! I am so glad to hear that everything went better than hoped. God really IS good ALL the time! Tell Kalysa we all say hi and we're praying for you. We're praying for you all, too! Love you guys, Deborah

Amy said...

So glad to hear this, Char! Praise the Lord. I was poking around over here last night looking for news, but I ran out of time, so I was glad to see your update this morning.

Anonymous said...

To God be the Glory!!!! I am so thankful for the wonderful news :) Know we are praying for Kalysa and cannot wait to see all of you!! Love you all, Heather

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news and answer to prayer. I know you are giving all glory and honor to the Lord and it will be shared with all you encounter there. Give Kalysa a hug from us here. I will be praying for your safe travel home and Kalysa's healing.
Love you girl,

Elizabeth said...

Oh Char, that is the most wonderful news I have heard all day. Praise Him!

She has a red cast! Too cute!

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