Tuesday, September 1, 2009

That's the value of one

Go sound the horn
Strike up the choir
A sinner was saved
Saved from the fire.......

This past weekend, our church had a free kids carnival in an effort to grow the bus ministry. We have several kids that ride the bus to and from Sunday service and the bus ministry has resulted in several families that now attend our church regularly and parents that have gotten saved as a result. Our preacher knows another preacher that has a ministry of providing the games for a carnival. It started out inside the church and the children all sang a few songs and then were presented with a clear presentation of the Gospel message. We had almost all of the children that normally come to church and lots of visitors from around the area. There were probably about 200 people in attendance. After the carnival, one little girl, that has been coming to our church with her mother and siblings for quite some time, told her mom that she knew she needed to get saved but was scared to say anything during the presentation. Her mom took her to talk to Ms. Connie, our preacher's wife, and she showed her in the Bible what Jesus did for her on the cross and how she could accept His gift of salvation. ADDY GOT SAVED! She came forward on Sunday morning to share her news with the rest of the church and now our preacher is talking to and teaching her about baptism being the next step in obedience to the Lord. Hallelujah!! The value of ONE soul saved from hell is so great "All Heaven's Rejoicing!" The carnival was a great success and the seeds were planted in many others.

Here are some photos of some of the fun!!!

Austin sitting in the flush tank. This was sooo fun. The kids had to throw a ball at a target and when it was hit, water dumped out onto the person sitting on the potty chair. Our preacher took the seat for a while and the line was quite long while he was there. He did not escape dry! :)

Here is Keslee standing behind the screen. Kids threw soaked spongy balls at the screen, splattering her with water. She was pretty drenched by the end of things.

On this one, kids had to throw a bean bag frog onto the lilly pads.

This is like the Price is Right game- Plinko.

The games were set up in a big circle in the front lawn of our church.

Our preacher also had a local fire department stop by with a few trucks and they were a BIG hit. The kids all got a color book about fire safety and got to play in, on and around the truck. They also got to see all the equipment like the firefighters uniforms, hats, oxygen tanks, and the jaws of life.

Kenyon spent most of his time in the driver's seat. He wanted his sisters to see what it was like so he invited them to sit with him but he sure wasn't getting out for them. :)

All the kids had a great time and most ended up with a sack full of candy and prizes. I spent my day painting faces and Monty was at the put-put golf game so our kids were able to play the games on their own. When it was over, I noticed that the girls did not have a bag of candy and asked if they had played many games. Keslee said, "No mom, we did not come to play the games. This is our church and our carnival and we were here to help." It really warmed my heart to see that my girls had so much fun giving to others. The day was not all about them and what they could get but what they were able to give to others. They did not feel cheated for not getting a bag full of goodies. They did play in the fire truck and jump on the big jumpy thingy and Keslee got her face painted so it wasn't all work. :)


Elizabeth said...

I love that song you have up there. We have a CD of a youth choir singing it. It's on the list to teach our youth too.

Looks like y'all had a great time. Lots of fun.

Oh, and I <3 Plinko!!!!1

Elizabeth said...

One day I'll learn to proofread my comments before publishing.

Rejoicing with you for Addy. :-)

char said...


That is one of my favorite songs to. Our men's group sings it and they are AWESOME!
And I wish the comments were like facebook and the <3 would actually leave little hearts! :)

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, when I see it like that, I usually read it as "less than 3." hahaha

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