Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let there be light!

We finally got school started on Friday. We were all ready and very excited to finally get started. Everyone except Kenyon. He spent a large part of the first day griping and complaining about having to do school. I am convinced that I had him in public school way too long and I am so sad that I didn't learn of homeschooling earlier. He still has lingering feelings that school is bad and boring and he hates it. By Monday things were different and we all had a good time laughing and discussing all the new things we will be learning this year. Tuesday was even better and the time seemed to fly by as I really tried to get the kids creative juices flowing. Kenyon and Jacinta have never really done any creative writing and that is something we will be doing a lot of this year. It was a struggle to get them to actually think on there own and they all had a good laugh at me as I threw out crazy ideas and goofy sentences to get things started. They finally caught on to how fun writing really is and both ended up with a page long story. I can't wait until the end of the year to see what kind of stories they will be able to write by then! One of my goals is to get Kenyon and Jacinta to really learn to think on there own this year. My little girls were only in a public school for a short time and their love of learning and creativity has not been squashed so hopefully they will not face the same types of struggles.
After all the fun we had being creative and making up stories, we moved on to science. Kenyon and Jacinta are using My Father's World and will be studying history from the creation to the Greeks. Our science lessons begin where the Lord began-light. As we learned the different properties of light and how our eyes see things, Kenyon was still in his creative, goofy, giggly mood and stated that he could do the same thing that God did. He happened to be sitting right next to the light switch and he flipped it to off. I told him that he should never claim to be able to do what God does because God started with nothing and he needed to turn the light switch back on. As he flipped the light switch to on, he said "LET THERE BE LIGHT". Right then we heard a POP and the light bulb went out. It was soooo hilarious! The look on Kenyon's face was priceless as he looked up at the dark bulb and realized that Lord was here and just let him know that NO, HE CAN NOT DO THE SAME THING GOD DID! Kenyon immediately repented and apologized to the Lord for claiming he could do what HE did and we all thanked the Lord for using a kitchen light bulb to remind us who we are and who HE is. It was definitely a lesson that will not be soon forgotten and one I would never have been able to teach them myself. Who ever said the Lord doesn't have a since of humor? He sure had us all cracking up for hours!

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