Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Square one

I am a planner. I have always been a planner. Now, I am not one of the crazy organizers that have lists for everything and know what they are doing every minute of every day; no offense if you are, I just don't have the discipline to do that but I have a general plan in mind and sometimes on paper for most things. Kalysa's surgery is now just a few weeks away and I have been trying really hard to wait for the Lord to reveal His plan and provisions for our trip. The general plan in my mind has changed many, many times over the last few months. I had originally hoped that we would all five take a train ride down and stay in a motel and kinda make the whole experience a family get away. Finances ruled that one out pretty quickly. I then hoped to take the train down and stay in a motel for just a few days and then send Kenyon and Keslee home with my mom when she came down. Again, finances said no. I got to the point that I was just praying that Kalysa, Monty and I would get to be there someway, somehow. Then I found out about the Shriner van and hope returned. Now the plan is that the 3 of us will get to ride the van and stay at the hospital and mom will stay here with Kenyon and Keslee. She is still hoping to get to come for the actual surgery and if she can, Kenyon and Keslee will at least get to visit Kalysa in the hospital. So now that the travel details are all worked out, I have to plan for meals and such while we are there. Of course Kalysa will be fed but Monty and I will have to eat in the cafeteria. I finally got everything worked out in my head on how much we would have to spend each day and planned according to this months income and bills. It is all gonna work out and I know what bills to pay when to ensure we are still able to eat on our trip. Just as I thought I had finalized my plans, Monty tells me the wires are sticking out of one of his tires. So I go back to square one and readjust everything and find a way to fit in $75 for a new tire. Everytime I make plans, I normally always have a plan B in there somewhere since plan A often has to change so I moved some things around and shaved a few dollars off here and there and it still worked. I was so excited that I still had a workable plan. So I head to town yesterday afternoon with the cash to pay the bills I had allotted for and the shopping list I had gone over and over to determine what we really needed and what we just wanted and as we started pulling out of the drive, guess what!!?? I NOW HAVE A FLAT TIRE!!! Back to square one-readjusting and shaving a few dollars here and there and asking and waiting on the Lord to show me the way for plan C (or is it D, E, or F?).


Anonymous said...

(((((Char and fam)))))

char said...

Thanks Sandi! I needed a hug:)

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