Saturday, September 5, 2009

So far So good

I think this "keeper of the home" thing is really starting to agree with me and I have really been enjoying it. The kids are pretty much into a routine now with cleaning as they go and the girls even REALLY cleaned and vacuumed their room yesterday without even being asked. I have made a few big changes, well-they are big to me. We normally have cereal for breakfast but this week I have COOKED breakfast everyday. I mean really cooked it. We have had homemade bagels(soooo good and easy), homemade cinnamon biscuits (better than ANY restaurant and SUPER easy!), french toast, banana muffins (box of jiffy), canned biscuits with jelly (I was extra tired that day), and biscuits with gravy. I have been having a blast trying new recipes and it is so rewarding to cook from scratch. Today I made homemade pizza and made the crust from scratch for the first time. I have started to really work on planning our meals for the week and then shopping for the ingredients based on the menu plan. I can't take credit for any of these ideas, I have been inspired by so many other ladies from their blogs. Now that our house is finally getting more in order, I am ready for school. I mean emotionally ready, I am still waiting on some curriculum to arrive. We will not be getting into school really strong until after Kalysa's surgery but we have started a few things. I have almost finished off my shopping and have saved a lot of money by finding a most of what I need on ebay. We spent the day today garage sale-ing and I bought several cute dresses(too small for me) and men's shirts(too big for Monty). My mom is gonna make my girls lots of modest clothes out of them since it is really hard to find decent cloths in the stores for little girls. I would be doing the sewing but right now I don't have a machine and my mom loves to do it. I do plan on having my own by next year for sure. I hope it doesn't sound like I am bragging because I really don't mean to. It is just so exciting for me to feel like I am finally really growing into the position that the Lord has set before me. To God be the glory!! I better get church clothes all set out and get to bed. I still have to deliver newspapers in about 4 1/2 hours. Yall have a great week, ya hear!?! :)

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Elizabeth said...

I just love cooking. To me it is so fulfilling to make something and have my family sit down and enjoy the meal I've prepared. I use a weekly menu plan and it has made a tremendous difference in my whole day.

I'm still praying for your precious little Kalysa, and for Mommy, Daddy and siblings.

You are too right about the little girl clothes. Even if you can find them that cover enough, most of the time they look like teenagers' clothes instead of girls' clothes. Learning to sew was one of the best things I've learned. I'm no master seamstress, for sure, but I can get by...with some trial and error usually! :-P

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