Tuesday, March 30, 2010

'Bout time for a field trip

It really was about time for a field trip. A nothing but fun, relaxing field trip and I knew the perfect place to go. What is better than a circus?!?! The Shriner circus was in town and since Kalysa is now a shriner kid, we were invited to the free show on Friday morning. I did not tell the kids where we were going so even though they had lots of ideas running through their little heads, they did not know for sure what we were doing until we got there.

Of course there were lots of clowns. Kalysa was a little leery of them but we were able to get a picture. Kenyon is almost 12 years old(his birthday is Wednesday!) and that is just WAY to old for a boy to be pictured with a clown so he opted out.

We were able to get seats right on the floor-3rd row in front of the center ring.

We have been to the circus a few times in the last few years but they have been the small ones that have come through our little town. This is the first BIG circus the kids have been to and the 1st one I have been to since I was a child. I was soooo excited!! They had EVERYTHING, including white tigers. They were so beautiful and the kids really enjoyed watching them do their jumps and tricks for the trainer.

This couple twirled. They started with batons and moved on to this HUGE metal square and triangle. With the lights out and only the flashing red and blue, it looked like a terrific light show bouncing and flying all around them. It was really neat!

My all time favorite was the elephants! I ♥ elephants!!! I collect elephant figures and think they are just the neatest animal God created. This little guy was SOOOOO cute. He is just a baby and you could tell that he was having a blast! He was like any little boy out on the play ground just playing and being a kid. He even skipped when he ran around by kicking his hind feet out to the side as he went. Can't ya just see the huge smile on his face? I fell in love and told Monty that I want a REAL elephant now!

I just could not get a clear picture of these guys because the did not slow down the entire time they were in the ring. In case you can't tell, it is 2 bears. They did their tricks which included riding a bicycle, walking on a ball and riding a motorcycle.

The high wire act was really amazing. For their finale, they crossed the wire in a seven person pyramid. One of the guys on the bottom was shaking so bad that we were all afraid they were not going to make it all the way across. Kenyon half way hid his eyes the entire time and quietly rooted them on until they were all safe on the other platform. Keslee really liked this act because they had a 7 year old girl in the act. She was not a part of the pyramid but did ride on some one's shoulders as they rode the bike across the wire.

For the finale, ALL the elephants came out and put on a show. When the baby did his act, his momma stood beside the ring but was not apart of his show so we thought he WAS the elephant act. He was awesome and I would not have been disappointed if that was all but I was so excited when all the adults came out.

They did their stands and sitting and rolling over. They stood on their hind legs and stood on their front legs. They sat up on their hiney and sat on each other. They spun around and danced. They were the highlight of the entire day. As you can tell from my new header, they even had elephant rides which the kids did not want to miss.
The circus was almost 3 hours long and was a treat that we don't get very often. Because we were already in the city, we did some consignment shopping and then went out to lunch. It was just what we needed. A field trip day filled with fun!

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