Wednesday, March 31, 2010

bucket full of fish eyes

After the circus, we stopped at Long John Silvers for lunch. I don't eat sea food but I really like their chicken. I just do not like anything about sea food. I can't stand the smell and really don't like the taste. I just can't bring myself to eat something that my cats believe is for them(like tuna.) Monty LOVES fish and tuna and shrimp and I have always tried to make some periodically for him and the kids. Unfortunately, my girls have the same taste buds as I do. By the time they were about 5, they would no longer eat it. I remember when we were at a church dinner and I put a tuna sandwich on Keslee's plate. She took a bite and then got the worst look on her face. She quietly spit in into a napkin and whispered "mom, there is something really wrong with this sandwich." I could not argue with her. While at lunch, we found out another possible reason for Keslee's dislike of fish. Kenyon ordered popcorn shrimp and really wanted Keslee to try one. She asked him if it had eyes. He told her there were no eyes but she still had to inspect it from every angle to be sure. She gulped down one shrimp but it was a struggle for her and she would not try a second one. Jacinta ordered fish and Keslee wanted to also examine each piece of it to insure there were no eyes on it either. After being assured that none of the food was being served with eyeballs looking at us, Keslee asked "Mom, do they have a big trash can in the back full of nothing but eyes?" We just had to laugh at her innocence. I can just imagine a huge can in the back room of every sea food restaurant for nothing but the eyeballs. It was so funny and may explain why she is not to fond of eating fish.

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