Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daddy's little cowboy

Monty loves the Dallas Cowboys. All of our children have had cowboy onsies and sleepers and t-shirts and jerseys. Monty has a couple of Dallas Cowboy jackets, tons of sweatshirts, sweat pants, of course several hats, and even socks. Last year someone gave him a Dallas Cowboy santa hat (it matches perfectly with his Dallas stocking). Somehow the santa hat did not get put away with the rest of the Christmas stuff and I think I may know why...

Kalysa has confiscated it! It seems like just about everyday now, as Kalysa plays around the house-she is wearing it!

She loves this hat so much! Daddy always has on his Dallas baseball cap so I guess Kalysa decided she needs to also always have on a Dallas hat. So much so that she even wears it when we leave the house now. If that were not enough-when I came home the other morning after the paper route and stepped in to be sure my kids still had their covers on I found this...

She doesn't even want to take it off to sleep now. Ain't she cute?

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