Monday, March 22, 2010

Shreveport again

Kalysa had an after surgery check up back at the Shriner hospital a few weeks ago. Because there was some mix up with the appointment last time we went, we were never given the complete instructions for what we should have been doing these last several months. I realized this when we saw the doctor....

"Is she wearing her splint all day AND ALL NIGHT......uh, no. Are you doing the stretches everyday?.....what stretches would that be? Does she wear a knee immobilizer at night?....didn't know she was supposed to? Is she going to any physical therapy?" Well that explains why her muscle is still pretty tight but luckily it takes a full year after surgery to really get everything loosened up so hopefully we did not do to much damage. So now we are stretching and wearing the splint all the time and a brace at night and waiting for a call back for physical therapy here.

Every time we go to Shreveport, Keslee wants to know ALL the details about what we did so I was sure to have a photo essay to explain our trip...

At the motel, after a bath, it is time to try jumping around the room while holding your ankles...

then jump on the bed-because mom would NEVER allow this at home.

notice you can see yourself in the mirror so be sure to watch every move you make.

When you get to the hospital in the morning, check the toy give away box to pick a new buddy. Since we were one of the first ones there, things had not yet been picked over so a big fluffy pink bear was still available. Just the type of new friend a 7 year old girl LOVES to find.

While mom watches your new friend, take a few rounds on the bikes.

Mrs. Pacman game is free! Gotta play that for awhile!

Time to see the doctor. Boy, that new friend comes in handy in times like this!

Back to the lobby to play some more games.

Then on to orthodics to have some adjustments made on the splint and get a knee immobilizer.

On the way home! A wooden doll set with magnetic clothes was available on another give away table at the hospital so Kalysa actually got 2 gifts this time.

Perfect for a little play time in the van.

Then a little bit of "Mary Poppins" on the portable dvd player the Shriners provide for the trip.

And of course there is always time for a nap on a 6-7 hour car ride.
Well, that was our weekend in a nut shell.

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