Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have always LOVED cabbage patch dolls! I have 4 of my own-Ginni, Pearl, Fredericka, and Rory. I have passed that love on to Keslee-who now mothers my 4 plus 2 of her own. My dad heard on the radio that these dolls were available on EBAY. He really wanted to get the Sarah doll(yes my dad collects dolls but also he just really loves Sarah) and I would love love love to have all 4. I checked it out for him but found out there is only ONE of each and the proceeds go to a toys for tots charity. The auction will end on election day. With four days left bidding is at......
I guess it is out of the question to add any of these to my collection(unless anyone out there spreads me some wealth in the next few days).
ps...should we read anything into the fact that Obama/Biden are trailing miserably in the bids?!?!

UPDATE:I missed the end of the sale and did not get to see how much the guys went for but Sarah Palin Cabbage Patch sold for $19,000!

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kc said...

Yes, eventhough they are cute little dolls that everyone loves.....the obama and biden still LOOK WRONG! Those are really bad ears by the way:)))))))

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