Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chicken Pasta Salad

Chicken pasta salad is AWESOME and oh so easy! All you need is...

Pasta-cooked and cooled-we have used spirals, shells, and the colorful noodles but my kids like the bow ties the best
chicken-cooked, cut up, and cooled
dressing-we use honey mustard(Ken's is really good) but you can try it with any dressing your family likes
what ever you like and have on hand-how easy is that!?! We like you add cut broccoli, chopped tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, small cubes of cheddar, onion, cauliflower(monty doesn't like that but will eat it in this salad and sometimes not realize it:))

Dump everything in a big bowl, mix and serve cold. This is awesome for a quick meal and great as left overs for lunch. It is perfect for "no time for cooking and still get in a nap before we have to leave again" Sunday afternoons!! It is also great with some warm bread sticks or crescent rolls with butter and garlic salt spread on the inside before they are cooked.

Ok, so the close up picture doesn't look all that appetizing but trust me, this stuff is AWESOME!

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