Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Day

I finally got some Christmas pictures downloaded. This was what the living room looked like before it was invaded by the kids.

Then they awoke. They were very excited. This year they really did not know if they were getting anything. I am sure they had high hopes and faith that somehow mom and dad would pull it off, that was proven by the fact that they were up by about 7:30 am, but they know that money has been tight lately. They know daddy had been getting home early a lot and that means he will get less money from work. Before they went to bed they were talking about mom maybe getting some paper route money so I could go to the store in the middle of the night and get some presents. They really did not think that we had gotten anything before bedtime Christmas eve(I love having an attic!!). We usually at least have all the cousin's presents wrapped and under the tree but this year I had not wrapped anything before Christmas eve.

We got to see genuine thankfulness when they opened presents to find things they had really hoped for but really thought was out of the question. All Kalysa wanted was littlest pet shop, and she got that along with a baby bed, a new doll and a few other things.

Just about a week before Christmas, Kenyon had told me "If I could have just one present, I would want it to be an instrument." He did not know that I had a guitar waiting for him since about July. He loved it. He also got the book to help him learn how to play. My mom also gave all three of them a small organ so he actually got 2 instruments this year.

Keslee got a baby doll that she had wanted and a stroller and a cd player along with a "Patch the Pirate" cd but I think her favorite gift of the day came after we went to Aunt Darla's for dinner....My cousin Tony and his wife Jessica had Kiara Elizabeth Lea on Sunday before Christmas so she got to hold a 4 day old baby.
All in all it was a great Christmas day!

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Anonymous said...

Keslee looks like a natural! I love the precious picture. Those smiles around the tree on Christmas morning are too cute!

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