Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kalysa's Birthday Pictures

We just had a small party at home on Saturday the 24th-A few cousins and "adopted" cousins, a few aunts, a few uncles, a grandma and a papaw, mom, dad, a brother and a sister. What else do ya need? The weather turned cold so the kids just played for a while then we had cake and ice cream.

The cake. Ok, so the lighting wasn't too good here but it is flower shaped with yellow icing, red sprinkles and purple and blue tinkerbell candies. I usually always make my kids birthday cakes myself(I think they have each had 1 store bought cake apiece). I love baking-even though I use a box mix although I do make my own buttercream icing-and anytime I look at the store bought cakes I can not imagine paying $15-$20 for a cake when the mix costs $1!?! I have bought the kits(toy decorations the stores but on top) from the bakery before for about $5 to add to my own cake. I just love decorating them! I don't have any special skills in that area(I have done more creative cakes than this one) but I would LOVE to take a real cake decorating class! Anyway, I have fun and I think the cakes are more special that way.

Singing Happy Birthday! She got a little embarrassed when everyone was singing to her so she covered her ears and giggled through the song then blew out the candles.

PRESENTS!! I have mentioned that Kalysa goes through life singing a song that only she could hear-so I got her a microphone. Maybe now we will be able to sing along. This thing is supposed to work with any FM radio so she will be able to hear herself through the radio. Only problem is mama bought it a few weeks early and forgot to pick up batteries so we haven't got to try it out yet but that has not stopped her from carrying it around and singing like a rock star.

All her goodies! Keslee went through the toy box the day before Kalysa's party and decided to wrap and give her the doodle bear(although Kalysa has one as well) and Kenyon gave her his very first 8 year old Thomas the Tank Engine. She loves Thomas! It was so sweet to see them want to give their sister something special. They never asked me to take them to the store or asked for money to buy her something. They know if it is really from them it must be bought with their money(which they had none) or be something of theirs. They don't like me putting their name on a gift they had nothing to do with.
BUT WAIT! What is daddy bringing in from the garage!?!

This is all she wanted! When I asked her a few days before her birthday what she wanted she said...
Kalysa-"I want a 2 wheel bike!"
me-"what if mama can't get you a bike right now?"-it was already in the trusty attic!!
Kalysa-"What if I can't have a bike?!?(sounding completely shocked at the possibility. It never ever even crossed her mind that she may not get one. she has been saying that was all she wanted for her birthday for about 6 months. She did not even ask for one for Christmas because she just knew she was gettin one for her birthday.) umm umm. I don't know what else I would want."
MY BABY IS 6!! :(

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Cathy said...

That was a great party for Kalysa, I can see it that she really enjoyed her birthday especially at the picture where she's on a bike. Kids would love to have lots of presents, and most especially to have a cake. Good idea to bake her cake, it is inexpensive and that cake is really beautiful!

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