Monday, January 12, 2009


My grandma has always made THE BEST homemade chicken and noodles. A few years back I told her that she was gonna have to teach me how to make them someday. That is when I learned that it is SO easy. First I boil a chicken. When it is about done I start my noodles. I use 2 eggs, about 1/3 cup of milk, salt(I like onion salt), and pepper. Whisk until frothy then add flour until you can stir into a dough ball(about 2 cups). Roll it out on a floured surface.

When it is rolled thin, cut into noodles. I have a noodle cutter that cuts about 6 at a time-I have no idea where it came from! It is one of those things that was in my drawers when I first moved out and for years I had no idea what it was for but I kept it. A pizza cutter would just fine for this step.

Some people like to let the noodles dry but I just sprinkle cut noodles with some flour and make sure there are no sticky parts. If you are like me you may think-" this doesn't look like enough noodles. I think I will just double the batch!" Don't be fooled! this makes plenty of noodles after they have expanded. If you want to double the batch, be sure you have a tall stock pot with plenty of liquid. Doubling the batch in a regular pot WILL result in burned noodles to the bottom of the pan!! It stinks and is not fun to get out!! Just trust me on that one!

After the noodles are cut, I remove the chicken for deboning and add the noodles to the chicken broth. The broth has to have a good boil or the noodles will get sticky and gooey. I add the chicken as I debone it. The noodles take about 30 minutes at a good boil for the consistency I like. Just check them periodically in case you want them softer(less time) or harder(more time).

You can always add some veggies it you like. We enjoy the plain0 chicken and noodle.
Don't be scared to make homemade noodles. They are kinda like rice krispy treats-everyone thinks you must have slaved over them but they are really very easy. I have never really messed up the noodle(even saved most when I burned them to the pan) even if they don't come out exactly the same every time. It is one of those recipes that brings memories of Grandma's cooking back and is just as good as hers.

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