Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't Be Afraid!!

I got an email from a dear friend that reads my blog (we will just call her Mrs. Ken Doll) about my homemade chicken and noodle recipe. She said...

Hey Charlynne, I made your grandma's noodles last night. They were a
breeze and yum yum. I altered the recipe a bit, I cut it in half and
used whole wheat flour, egg whites, skim milk and a large chic breast.
It made about three hefty servings at about 300 cals and we had some
steamed carrots to put on top. I'm sure the other way is tastier but
this way was a healthy treat that we all enjoyed. Thanks for the
recipe and convincing me it is easy. I've been meaning to attempt
noodles for quite awhile now but just never got up the nerve to try.

It was so good to hear that someone had tried it and liked it. I posted her email to say 2 things...

1.Don't be afraid to try it! homemade noodles are not as hard as they appear. I also LOVE the fact that she modified it to fit her smaller family and substituted ingredients in order to make it a healthier meal. That is one thing I have learned from my grandma. Recipes are a Guide! Make them your own, add what you like, take out or substitute for things you don't like. My grandma can never tell you exact measurements of the ingredients she uses. You just eye it and add more or less of whatever your family likes. It doesn't even have to be the same each time you use the same recipe. The experimenting is the most fun and what will later make your husband say "My mom never did cook like this!" and you kids say "No one could ever cook like MY MOM!"

2.Don't be afraid to leave me comments! This particular friend sends me emails often about things she has read or liked on my blog but has never left a comment on the blog. I have another friend that calls me and has said she is nervous to leave a comment because it is like being published-it is there for everyone to see. I understand. I was nervous the first time I ever left a comment on another blog but I did not know that women. She lives 1/2 way across the country and seems so brilliant and is inspiring to read and is obviously a great wife-mom-homeschooler-Christian-etc. I AM JUST ME GUYS! There is no need for you to be nervous about leaving me a comment! I love them! I need them! It makes my day when someone comments on my blog! You can always use a pet name to protect you identity. That is why I changed my friends name to Mrs. Ken Doll in this post-protecting her identity;) . If we are friends there must be a little pet nickname you could give yourself to let me know who you are and if we do not know each other than it really doesn't matter what name you use!!! Now I am not in anyway upset that Mrs Ken Doll has not commented but instead sends me a personal email. I love getting emails from her and I am glad she gets whatever she gets out of reading my thoughts. I just wanted to issue any reader a challenge....

1.If you have never left a comment, please leave me a comment to tell my why you don't. Even if it is because my writing sucks and my life is too boring to comment on, I can take it. I am just curious about what all reasons people have for never saying anything.

2.If you have left comments before, leave me a comment about the 1st time you ever commented on anyone's blog and what made you do it. If you had been reading blogs for a while before you ever commented, what made you not do it?



Anonymous said...

Oh the memories of cooking with my granny! Wow she did teach me a lot. Now I get to pass all of that on to the girls. Your right that recipes are a guide. I hardly ever do exactly what they say. It needs to be tweaked to our family's taste.

For the first time that I left a comment on a blog....There is a recipe blog site I like to check out a couple times a week. Well I was a lurker for about a year. Now I don't know this lady, at the time she lived in Ohio, but someone left a comment that attacked her christian views. Well, that got me to subscribing to her blog and leaving a comment of encouragement for her.

Char is right, just step out and try it. Although I always wish blogs has SPELL CHECK! Now I don't have the guts to get a blog or myspace of my own! Cluck! Cluck! Chicken Little! That is me.


char said...

You would be a GREAT blogger!! I would read it! you can at least get you a facebook. no one can see it unless you approve them as your friend and you can only see others that approve you. Everyone is doing it!!!

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