Monday, January 19, 2009


Yes, I am a Fundamental Baptist and proud of it. I have noticed lately how many people often use the word fundamentalist to refer to people in a negative way. I will let you know right now that I am proud any time someone uses the word fundamental when referring to me and my family. For that matter, I love being referred to as radical as well!! I am radical and I am a fundamentalist and I believe EVERYONE should be and I will tell you why.
As spoiled, lazy Americans, we begin to take tons of things for granted. This is no secret to any of us, we know we do it We all have times when we begin to take our freedoms, our health, our cars, our jobs, our friends, our family and even our God for granted.
These things are there.
They are always there so we stop seeing them as the precious commodities that they are. We loose sight of how they enrich and enhance our lives everyday. They are so common in our everyday lives that we use them and use them and use them until we don't even remember what they are actually worth anymore and so we start to abuse them and abuse them and abuse them. We forget their true purpose, why did we have them, what were they good for, why did we need them and then they are gone. Either we have used them up or they are taken from us or we have rejected their true value so often that it is almost impossible to get them back to the status that they deserve and then we are upset and wonder why we did not cherish these things while we had them!? That is what is happening to our language. WORDS ARE AWESOME!! We have them for a reason! They MEAN something. They are WORTH something. Only someone that has forgotten the value of our language would use the word fundamental as a way to insult someone else.
Webster defines fundamental as:serving as an original or generating source: primary: serving as a basis supporting existence or determining essential structure or function: of central importance: one of the minimum constituents without which a thing or a system would not be what it is.
That is exactly why EVERYONE should be a fundamentalist! It is essential-of utmost importance-indispensable-necessary. You should be a fundamentalist in everything you do. What good is a math teacher that holds no regard for the fundamentals of math? I sure don't want that teacher trying to teach addition to my child. Who would choose a surgeon that says "well I just don't believe the fundamentals of medicine are really that important so I skipped a few classes but I bet I can still do your liver transplant just fine!" WHATEVER!!! It makes no sense not to be a fundamentalist. Whatever you do, whoever you are, whatever you believe amounts to nothing without the fundamentals!!
What we know about our Lord and his Word is the most important thing we ever strive to learn. It is only natural to turn to the fundamentals in order to find the truth that lies between the pages of the Bible. Now I am not saying that everyone should be a Fundamental Baptist-but you should seek the fundamentals in regards to your walk with the Lord and Bible study. I am not willing to say that the Fundamental Baptist churches are the ONLY churches that you can hear preaching that originates from and focuses on the fundamentals of a Christian life. I just know that MY Fundamental Baptist church does. I want to have the relationship with my saviour that he desires to have with me and it is impossible to reach that without the fundamentals! The WORD fundamental tells us that any church that is not fundamental is in turn not truly a church and therefore will not be able to truly assist me or anyone in reaching the ultimate relationship with our Lord and Savior.
Now if you want to know why I also am proud to be called radical, just ask Webster-proceeding from a foundation or root: drastic: making extreme changes in views, conditions, or habits: carrying convictions or theories to their fullest application.
Now don't fundamental and radical just seem to naturally work together!!! I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Anonymous said...

When you get on the soap box you cut loose! But you hit it right Sister!
Love you friend,

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