Friday, May 8, 2009

Didn't sound very good to her!

Our cat, Jefferson, has realized that he is a Tom cat and has gotten into a few fights. Last weekend he came home with scratches on his ears and around his eye and he was holding his right front paw up. He would not move it and would not even touch it to the ground. I was afraid it was broken so we took him to the vet Tuesday. Well, it is not broken but very infected and abscessed. He is on antibiotics and we had to take him back in for a check up today. So while we are sitting in the vet's waiting room, Keslee stands up to look out the front door at the same time that one of the vet assistants is coming back in from her lunch break and Keslee gets hit with the door. She tells the lady she is ok and that it just scared her but she did not get hurt. The lady offered to give her an ice cream sandwich to make them both feel better. Keslee refused several times and just took the lady's apology. On the way home, Keslee tells me.....

Kes: I really did get hurt a little with the door on my mouth.

Me:Why didn't you say that? Are you Ok?

Kes: I don't know why, I was scared to say it, but I am ok.

Me: Why did you not want the ice cream sandwich she offered you?


After I quit laughing and explained what an ice cream sandwich was, she wanted to turn around and tell the lady she really did want one.

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