Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Little Fun In the Sun!

The kids have been waiting for summer. Even though May is almost over, we are just now beginning to have some real summer weather. We had about 2 weeks of nothing but rain at the first of the month so now the sticky-humid-heat has arrived. Personally I prefer cooler weather. It always seems so much easier to add more covers in the winter and get warm. There is really only so much you can take off in the summer to cool off. I know when I was a child I always anxiously waited for the summer to arrive so we could get outside but somewhere in the growing up process, my preference has changed. My guess is that a big factor in my attitude change is....


I can not even imagine now, at thirty-blahblah years old, running as fast as I can and then all of a sudden plopping myself from the standing position to land on my stomach on to a thin layer of wet plastic covering the HARD ground and calling that fun?! Were we nuts???

I mean I love to go swimming and I agree that being wet is the only way to go when the thermometer starts climbing up into the 90*s or 100*s. I am all for the pool and I will even run through the sprinkler but throwing myself onto the earth on purpose. I don't like to trip and fall-how is this different?

And for those of you that agree and choose not to hit face first, you can try it the way Kalysa does-RUN AT FULL SPEED THEN JUMP INTO THE AIR AND LAND ON YOUR KNEES!! It hurts me even to watch!

Then again-you can always land on your hiney before hitting your back...

or how 'bout shoulder first and sliding in on your side?

Oh well-it is all in the name of a little fun in the sun! I think I will leave the plopping, dropping, sitting, hitting, sliding, gliding, slipping wetness to the kids-I'm going back to the air conditioning!
The kids all say "THANKS AUNT KACY AND UNCLE CHUCK FOR KESLEE'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!" even though they had to wait over a month to get to use it.

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Anonymous said...

HA HA HA! LOVE these pics~they bring back MEMORIES! I remember doing Slip'N Slide even as a teenager, and I would have bruises on my hips the next day!

I had to come visit and *THANK YOU!* for your birthing encouragement. Worth its weight in GOLD, I tell ya! I'll be reading it again and again too~I had two difficult births that I really believe would have been sectioned in the hospital.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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