Saturday, May 9, 2009


This week in school, Keslee asked me "Is mother's day over?" I said "No. It is this Sunday." Then Kalysa and Keslee began a few art projects on their own that I was NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK AT! This is what I got....

This is the front of a card made by Keslee. It is her and I out on a sunny day. I love how the sky is filled with "love".

This is the inside of her card. So sweet!

Kalysa made this one. I told ya she is a full time daddy's girl. She could not leave daddy out just because it was a card for Mother's day! As a matter of fact, that is a picture of me with daddy in the corner. That is ok. I don't mind sharing the love of my kids with my hubby even on "my" day!
Monty bought a lovey, mushy card from the store and Kenyon signed that one. Lucky for me he signed first and LAST name. I would hate to be confused about who it was from : )

Just wanted to take a moment to wish all you mom's a GREAT DAY! Hope it is filled with love and kisses, especially sticky gooey slobbery kisses. Aren't those the greatest!

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