Thursday, May 14, 2009

The End Is Near!

Can you feel it? The end is getting nearer and nearer everyday and we are all feeling it. Ok, I could get all theological on ya right now but that is not what I am talking about. What I am talking about is the end of another homeschool year! Spring fever is on the rise and we have all caught the bug! We(as in ME) are having a harder time at wanting to sit down and get school done each day. I could really tell the effects of spring fever when we had a library day today. With 4 library cards to use each visit, we normally come home with around 40 books and a few documentaries and then a cartoon movie(or 2). Well today we came home with only 8 books, 5 documentaries, 2 old movies and 2 cartoon movies. I hope Kenyon (and Jacinta) never have a serious debriefing on facts about Asia or Australia later in life because we are kinda flying through these last continents like never before. We are gonna finish our curriculum for the year and I am very happy about that(even though it may mean cramming 5 weeks worth of learning into 2 weeks). I am pleased with the way our school has gone this year and so I must deam the year a success. Last year I only homeschooled Kenyon and we were doing lots of trial and error(emphasis on the error) trying to see what would work for us. This year I went from homeschooling 1 son to homeschooling 1 son, 2 daughters and a little sister. It very well could have been a recipe for disaster but thanks to the INCREDIBLE GRACE OF GOD, we all know more about the countries and cultures of the whole world than I ever did-even after receiving a public school high school diploma! Both my girls are reading and LOVING IT! Kenyon is still not to fond of reading books that have more than 100 pages but he is getting there. For some reason he feels he has to be able to finish any book he opens before he can close it and more than 100 pages "takes too long". I am trying to get him to realize he can actually use a book mark and start where he leaves off at a later time. I have given him a challenge. If he reads 25 books with 150 pages or more between now and Christmas then he gets $25. He really likes to get money so hopefully he will follow through. We had our homeschool convention a few weeks back and it was just what I needed. It gave me the little extra boost to finish this year off strong and really got me excited for the next year. I know what all I want to get for next year! We are definitely sticking with My Father's World. I love it and am really excited about the next year. Kenyon and Jacinta will be starting on Creation to the Greeks and Keslee and Kalysa will start Adventures in My Father's World. I am also planning on using Math U see for everyone. We all seem to really do great with a more hands on approach so I think it will work well. I got Eagle's Wings Considering God's creation for Keslee's science. It will probably take us a couple of years to get through it since we are starting it in 2nd grade but it looks awesome and I can't wait to start. I thought about getting Kalysa the same but since she will have a month of therapy after her surgery, I decided to wait for now on extra science. I also found an new science that I am planning on using for Kenyon and Jacinta. It is brand new and REALLY teaches a Biblical world view. That was their whole purpose of writing it! It is called Truth in Science and I am SOOO excited about it! I got Personal Help for Boys for Kenyon. It is a Biblical character training workbook that he is just at the right age for. I also picked up a writing workbook for each of them, Kenyon's is cursive and the girls is manuscript. I got them for next year but the kids get just as excited about new school stuff as mama so they couldn't wait. They all have about 20 lessons done already. (another reason I love homeschooling!!! : ) How many public school kids have ever said "PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Can we do this work now?!? I don't want to wait till next year!! PLEASE MAMA! PLEASE LET US DO EXTRA!!")

Well that is our plan for next year! Now I am just waiting for God to show me how we are gonna purchase it all but I know he will. How 'bout you? Are ya done for this year? Are ya gettin close? Do you have next year all mapped out? Would ya like a chocolate pie?-ok, just checkin to see if you were still listening! But seriously, I would love to hear about your year-this year or next years plan.


Anonymous said...

Oh friend, I am so thankful that I went to the HS convention. I bought the same science for M #2 that you did for Keslee. I am praying for the Lord to help us in our math for M #1. The only way we have enough $$ to buy, is to save $20 per payday throughout the year. That works for us. I know your correct that the Lord will provide when, where and however!
Hugs, DeDe

titus2woman said...

We are still Ambleside die-hards, but I have been finding some ideas from Waldorf and Montessori blogs I plan to implement as well. This year we have LOVED Bob Schultz books as devotionals~so very simply convicting!!!!! Yesterday started roughly, and then the devotion was entitled, "Jerks"! and after *I* had acted like one! LOL! Good stuff for the whole family, even though intended for boys. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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