Wednesday, May 27, 2009

God is The Answer!!

I am soooo glad that God is always first for my kids! They remind me (more often than I would like to admit) to think of God first. They really are living their lives with a Biblical world view. The girls can not remember a time in their lives that God was not a the center of things. Kenyon was about 7 when my life changed and we really started trying to live for God instead of for ourselves. He may have some memories of our life before but his world view was not developed yet. Well since kids are kids, and kids say the funniest things, this Biblical world view has offered many humorous situations (like this one). I just thought I would share a few more...

One of the best ones is actually ongoing. It happens anytime we are playing a game (like Trivial Pursuit) or when I am asking questions in school. Anytime they don't know the answer they say "GOD!" They know with this one they can never be wrong because God is always the answer.

Today Keslee was drawing pictures for a book she decided to make and I heard this...

Kalysa:What are you making Kes?
Keslee:I am making a book.
Kalysa:What picture are you drawing?
Keslee:It is a boat.
Kalysa:OH! You are making a boat. Is it Jonah's boat or Noah's boat?

I just love the fact that those are the boats she would think of first. I mean what else could it be if not Jonah's or Noah's? I know that I have/am/will fail so often in the God given course I have in raising my kids for Him but it is the little things like this that God sends me for encouragement. It just says to me "You are getting somewhere! Keep it Up! You may fail but I will never fail you nor forsake you. You can finish this course for My Glory!" So I try another day and with His grace get a little closer to the mark that He has set for our family.

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