Monday, December 1, 2008

Alls Well that Ends Well

I hope you all had a joy filled, family filled, turkey filled, thankful thanksgiving. My holiday did not start off so great. I started to let life's problems(and there were lots of them) get in my way of what thanksgiving is really about....
It all started on Wednesday night. Monty had taken the day off but he did not go to church with us. He said since he would normally be at work that did not help my holiday spirit. Everyone must have been in a festive mood-after church we all stood around talking, which is not unusual. I had to give a friend a ride home and it was then that we discovered that it was 5 minutes till 10. I did not realize we had stood around that long!! We got home about 10:30 and the kids were hungry and I still had to bake a cake to take to Nana's the next day. After the kids were settled and the cake was baking, Monty said he would watch it so I could get some sleep-I had to be up by 1:30 to deliver holiday papers-can't keep the people waiting on those sale adds. I went to bed exhausted but for some reason, unable to fall asleep. Around midnight I heard the oven timer beep...and beep....and beep...and beep...and beep. I got up to find Monty asleep on the couch and my cake done in the oven. I took it out and went back to bed to LAY THERE. About 1am I heard dad get up looking for Cash(his weenie dog). I let him know that I had put him outside then continued to lay there. I think I may have dozed a little then because when the alarm went off at 1:30, it startled me. I headed to the office to roll papers but did not let my car warm up so it ended up dying on me and would not start(I need a new battery and it was too cold for it). I had to push the van about 1/2 block to get it out of the road and walk 4 blocks the rest of the way. So after we rolled the papers and jump started the van, mom and I got the papers out despite my then very bad attitude and got back home around 6am. I fell into bed to LAY THERE AGAIN. I don't know why I could not go to sleep. I saw the clock at 8:45 before I started dozing off. Well shortly after that, the kids were up and wanting breakfast and ready to head to Nana's. Since Monty had a good nights sleep, he took over for a while. After just dozing for about an hour, I finally got up a little after 10 to shower and leave. Monty drove so I did at least get to rest my eyes on the hour long drive. I took that time to talk to the Lord and reflect on some things I was thankful for-believe me, it took me some work to think of anything after the night I had. I also asked for forgiveness and put the rest of day in the Lord's hands. That is what I should have done in the beginning!! We got to the family reunion and really had a great time. The weather was beautiful! The kids got to play with cousins they had never met on the little play ground behind the rented building. There was TONS of food. Monty got to catch up with some family he had not seen in a while. We really had a nice time visiting with everyone. After the dinner, we went back to Nana's house for the Cowboy game. Finally-on Nana's couch-I closed my eyes and fell into a deep, peaceful, rest filled sleep! HALLELUJAH!! I slept for about 2 hours while Monty watched the Cowboys WHOOP UP on the Sea hawks and the kids played with Nana. I woke up feeling rested and refreshed! All in all-It ended up being a Great day! Here are a few pictures of the day....
Nana with Kenyon Kalysa and Keslee
Aunt Beverly with husband Roy son Rashad
daughter in law Gabriel and son Chavez
Chavez with wife Gabriel and growing baby
Leilani Talia Mason
(future sooner fan coming in Feb.)
Monty and Chavez
Nana and the girls going through photos

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