Friday, December 5, 2008

Family Fun Night

Monty has not been getting a lot of hours at work which is a little concerning. He goes to work at 330pm and works until midnight. Actually-they normally do not get done until about 2am which gives him a few hours of overtime each week. Well this week has not been so good-hour wise. One night he got home at 930 and last night he showed up at 730. He had several days like that last month and it REALLY hurt come payday so my first thought was "YIKES!!! Don't they know Christmas is coming and the house payment has to be paid and the phone bill came today and and and GO BACK TO WORK!" But luckily for me, Monty has a different outlook and pulled out the....

Monty, Kenyon and I had a good game and it always improves my mood to BEAT THE PANTS OFF of someone else in ANYTHING. Final score-ME 191 Monty 155 Kenyon 96.
Keslee started out helping me and was doing really well at making words on our tile holder but then she ended up falling asleep in a kitchen chair. Kalysa had fun looking on and sounding out the words on the board. She was doing great until she came to...

She said-that letter is turned wrong. Flip it! so Kenyon flipped it. When it was still blank she said HEY! SOMEBODIES BEEN SWIPING OUR LETTERS! She is always good for a laugh!

Oh ME of little faith. I really need to stop murmuring and complaining when God is taking care of things and still sees fit to give us and unexpected night with daddy.

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