Monday, December 1, 2008


So much to be thankful for.....

1.Keslee and Bryn singing a special at church.
2.Dad staying with us. Since his split from his wife in April, he stays with us when he is not on the road(he is too nice to kick the renters out of his house since truckdriving keeps him out so much anyway.) The kids really enjoy having papa around so often.
3.A good time spent with Monty's family on Thanksgiving.
4.God's protection-No one was hurt when we hit a deer yesterday on the way to church(except maybe the deer but he wasn't laying anywhere to be seen when we passed back by so maybe he is ok) My van did not even get more than a tiny dent.
5.Keslee and Kalysa packing a box with some shoes that don't fit and a few toys and marking it "Cuba Kids" then bringing it to me to mail to Cuba. Ever since we studied Cuba and how poor most of the families are there, the kids have prayed for the Cuba Kids everyday. I am so glad they are so caring!! I gotta find a way to mail this box somewhere!
6.That God is there and he will take over for us if we will just let him.
7.Being able to get a few good deals for the kids Christmas on Black Friday.
8.Snow flurries! I saw a few on the paper route this morning! They never really made it to the ground but I LOVE SNOW so it was exciting anyway.
9.Getting to see the space station fly by with the kids last week. They were so excited! Also seeing the 2 planets next to the moon. God's creation is soooo amazing and I love sharing it and experiencing it with the kids.
10.Big warm feather comforters!!! I Love snow but I also love to snuggle up in a warm blanket. I got a feather comforter at a garage sale for $3 this summer and it is about the best $3 I have spent ever! I lOVE IT!

Yall have a great week and don't let the stress of the world overcome the reason for this season. LOVE YA!! char

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