Friday, December 12, 2008

Aren't Older Uncles Just the GREATEST!?!

Uncle John (my 16 year old brother) decided to try an experiment with his loving and trusting nieces and nephew. (John had just succumbed to the same experiment that weekend).

(I only allowed 1/2 tsp for the girls)

OK Kenyon, open up!

Kalysa, you ready?!?

Down the hatch Keslee!

What is the matter Kenyon? Can't get it down? He did try and try to swallow but just could not do it.

Kalysa did not try very hard. She could not get past the taste and started spitting almost immediately.
No photo of Keslee spitting it out because SHE DID IT! She got the cinnamon swallowed. It took her several minutes but she did it.
At least nobody threw up!---john did when he tried!

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