Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chicken Pot Pie

I have not posted recipes on here before but tonight I decided to share one of our all time favorites-homemade chicken pot pie. It is oh so good!! My family LOVES this so I use a large pan. This recipe would make about a cake size pan.

pie ingrediants:
3 or 4 chopped potatoes
2 cans of mixed vegis
cream of chicken
sour cream

I boil a whole chicken and debone it(I use 1/2 the chicken for another meal). While I am deboning the chicken I add several chopped up potatoes to the broth. When the potatoes are soft, I add a few cans of mixed vegis and the chicken. I drain the broth keeping about a cup in with the chicken and vegis. Then add a small container of sour cream and can of cream of chicken some salt and pepper and mix well.

2 cup flour
2/3 cup oil
1/2 cup milk
salt(I like onion salt)

mix the crust and pinch peices off and press against sides and bottom of pan.

pour chicken mixture into bottom crust.

for top crust, rollout between wax paper or saran wrap and lay on top of pie

put slices of butter on top and put in oven at 350*

about 30 minutes later, when the crust is golden brown, dinner is ready!

About 5 minutes after that-IT'S GONE!
This is an all time favorite. If anyone trys it, let me know what your family thinks. I have not yet decided if I should include more recipes on the blog. I just don't know if anyone really wants to read about them, so let me know how you feel about that.


Anonymous said...

I love recipes! I love reading about what people cook, the side dishes they choose, the recipes they have, tips and tricks. Girl, I just love food, okay!? I will try your pot pie recipe and let you know how it worked for me.
Love you friend,

Anonymous said...

I like the recipe idea too. This one sounds good! I'll have to try it one day. =)

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