Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have made mention of pets before so I thought I would share our zoo with you.
KENZIE DIANE-cocker spaniel from one of the first litters my sis n law had when she started her kennel. Kenz is my baby and is spoiled rotten. She loves the kids, loves the cats and loves to go anywhere we go.

PEPPER-min. poodle given to us in hopes of having cockapoos but so far no luck. He is a really sweet boy but really drives me nuts. He seems to be glued to my ankle-he follows me everystep I take all day long!

JOHNNY CASH-my dad's min. wienie dog. We just call him Cash. He is also from Kacy's kennel and usually rides with dad on the truck(dad is a truck driver) but has stayed with us this week. He loves to run and CHEW and he sleeps at my(apparently I am dads substitute)feet UNDER the covers.

REECEE KATE-followed us home from the park a few months after we bought our house 3 years ago. She was a little bity kitten then and we left her outside all day hoping she would go home. When the sun went down and she got stuck in our tree, Keslee insisted she come in(to stay). She can usually be found in Keslee's bed(as pictured).

JEFFERSON THOMAS-was the neighbors but was a playful kitten and they have a baby they were afraid would get scratched so they gave him to the kids about 7 months ago. He is Keslee's baby and is perfectly content being held, dressed up, pushed in a stroller, wrapped in a blanket, draped over your shoulder, carried around in a purse- etc. Monty and I were afraid he would never be able to walk because he was not allowed to when Kes was around(he is still not). He is truly the sweetest, gentlest cat around.

SOFFIE JEAN-My baby. She is gorgeous and more than once has been victim to attempted kid(cat)nappers. She went missing for 6 months but found her way home. She has recently gone missing again so the kids and I are praying God will protect her and return her to us once again. I miss my Soffie!!

JASMINE-guinea pig Aunt Darla gave to the kids for Christmas last year. You would be amazed how much personality these things have! She loves to talk to us and will stand on her hind legs to get a treat.

I LOVE pets and Monty often accuses me of trying to start a zoo. I told him until I ask for an elephant(I LOVE ELEPHANTS!!) than he can't call it a zoo. I do agree that we are at our limit(maybe one over-anyone want a 6 year old min poodle?!?). As you can probably guess by the fact that I use "people" names (including middle names) that each of the pets are part of the family and we all love them all.

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