Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby Jesus Arose while the Sheep and Angels Grazed!!

Last night the kids put on their Christmas program at church. It was supposed to be pretty simple. Half of the stage was set up as a living room and the other half was the manger scene. The older kids and the teens where carolers. They came in singing, knocked on the door and were invited in to Mrs. Brown's "house" to warm up and hear her read the Christmas story from the Bible (Luke 2 1-20). After every few verses, the carolers sang an appropriate song. During Little town of Bethlehem, Joseph(Brandon) and Mary(Keslee)-holding the baby Jesus- walk down the aisle to the manger. They looked sooo sweet as Mary laid the Baby in the manger. After a few more Bible verses the Angels arrive and take their places around the couple. Then the sheep are herded in by 3 tiny (totally adorable) shepherds. As they take their places around the manger, one small shepherd(Caiden) tripped on the manger. Baby Jesus went flying and hay was Everywhere! The sheep began their grazing with help from the shepherds and a few angels. As Mary collected her Baby and laid him back in an almost empty bed, the others continued to crawl all over the stage collecting hay and putting it back where it belonged. One little sheep(Jeremiah) did escape and ran down the aisle to his mama. As one little angel(Trinity) stood over (via a bench) the scene, she picked hay from the top of the scene and tossed it gently into the air to watch it float down. With the spotlight on this little angel and everyone whispering her name, she remembers her solo "Hawk the hewald Angels sing, Gory to da new born Ting!" It was the sweetest solo ever!!
The kids had a great time, the audience had a great laugh and the carolers were still able to sing their songs(for the most part). The message was delivered, even as our Lord was arriving- life was happening. The problems we all face everyday and the unplanned obstacles that pop up happened just the same 2000 years ago but our Savior still came. He could have called the whole thing off but He loves us so much that He chose to arrive amid the chaos and always be there beside us.

(I forgot my camera but if I can get some photos from someone, I will post them later.)

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Anonymous said...

I have pictures if you still want them. Just let me know.

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