Thursday, December 11, 2008


Blessings for the week...

1.Getting to take the "Journey to Bethlehem" with the kids. It was such a neat experience that we ALL loved. Kenyon asked 1/2 way through if we can do it again next year. Kalysa and Keslee both recognized people they had heard stories about in church. Keslee kept asking if each of the characters "really are the ...." When I explained each time that they were acting to show us what happened in the Bible times, she asked "Well do we REALLY get to have cookies and hot chocolate at the end or just pretend?!"
2.Monty being home early 3 nights this week-(I have to enjoy the blessing of that and the fun the kids have gotten to have with daddy and trust God is gonna work out the money part.)
3.Having Bryn in children's church-she is soo sweet and always ready to answer questions.
4.Getting ready for the Christmas program. The girls are so excited and have invited the whole neighborhood!
5.Camden deciding he doesn't want to be a sheep in the program-he wants to be a cow! That kid is just the cutest thing ever!!
6.Two of my brothers could have been badly injured this week but through God's grace neither one got hurt at all. THANK YOU LORD!!!
7.My kids being so helpful. They have been doing a great job of cleaning up the living room and their rooms each night before bed!
8.Brother David coming to the discipleship classes. I love that he is full of questions and doesn't hold back as he seeks to know and understand the truth.
9.My dog Kenzie-she loves me and is always ready to cuddle and keep my feet warm. We often end up taking our pets for granted but they really do enrich our lives sooo much. Any time I call-she comes right then to do whatever-no questions asked- regardless of if I am interrupting her nap or dinner or anything else. If only we could trust in our Master and love Him the way our dogs do us, things would be alot easier for us.
10.That God loves me anyway!

Hope yall have a great weekend!! Love char

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