Friday, December 5, 2008


As we watch the neighborhood gradually light up, the kids started asking to put up our Christmas tree. It is just so much work that I wasn't entirely ready to do so I told them they had to have their rooms, living room and play room clean before we even thought about digging out all the Christmas stuff. Low and Behold-after some school projects yesterday-Kenyon took out the trash, cleaned his room the living room AND the play room - INCLUDING vacuuming them- all with out me saying a thing. Then he convinced daddy to get all the Christmas boxes down from the attic before he left for work today. Kenyon later asked me if he had been helpful. I let him know he was more helpful than he has ever been in one day since he did it all with an awesome attitude and without being told each thing to do. He was wondering why I thought he was able to be so helpful now. I let him know that it must be because he is maturing. When he asked what that meant, it hit me....I DON'T HAVE A BABY BOY ANYMORE!!!:( Guess that means we had to put the tree up today.

this is the finished product. I actually took this
picture with the lights off-wow my flash is good!

It is alot of work-especially when 10 hands are all trying to do different things-but I really do love having it up. I love the Christmas season. I love the trees and the lights and the warm feelings and the time spent with family and especially the celebration of the birth of one very special baby.

this is outside. I love my big front window! You can
not really tell from this picture but it looks SOOO pretty!

Our tree is made up of lots of homemade ornaments. I have some I made as a child and some the kids made in school and at home. I love making ornaments and we have made something just about every year. We made salt dough ornaments in school today but they are not yet on the tree. Here is a sample of some of the ones on the tree.
an angel-the kids and I made these about 3 yrs ago

This is Keslee's handprint around a ball. The fingers
are painted into snowmen. She made it in school
last year.

a dog I painted for Kenyon when he was little
(I made the girls similar things but have not
found them yet this year)

An angel I made when I was younger

a train we made a few years back

I love our tree! Now that the kids got the tree up and decorated they want to know.....Where are the presents?!?

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