Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gathering water from the well

Keslee's Bible lesson today was "A wife for Isaac". We learned about how Abraham's servant prayed and asked God to show him the right women for Isaac. When Rebekah came to the well and drew water, shared with him and then watered his camel-he knew that God had brought him the right women for Isaac. This really opened up the discussion for how God will bring my girls their husband someday. They already know that they do not have to do anything(like date a bunch of losers) in order to find a husband, they already have a husband. God already knows who it is and will reveal it when the time is right. It was also a great lesson about how Isaac listened to his father when it was time for him to find a wife. I think if more people had discussions like this with their six year olds there would be no need for sex ed later. When we got back to the topic at hand, we discussed how people used to have to gather water from a well everyday. We then mixed up some clay and made our own (small) water pots.
Here is Keslee trying to form her pot from the lump of clay.

Kalysa decided to use a pencil to make the opening in her pot.

This is my finished pot.
The recipe we used for the clay was...
1/2 c cornstarch
1/2c salt
3/4 flour
1/2c water(add until mixture can be kneaded without being too sticky)
We added a little bit of green food color as well.

Don't know if I have ever mentioned how much I love homeschooling!! I love how homeschooling naturally covers so many different aspects of what my kids need to learn. When else would you be able to start with a Bible story-move to marriage-discuss how "boyfriends"are not in God's plan-cover obeying and trusting your parents-and end up with homemade clay pots all in one lesson. (oh yeah! we also had a hearty discussion and experiment about camels and why they don't sink in the sand.)

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