Monday, March 9, 2009

One of God's Greatest Creations!!!!

I think that one of God's greatest creations by far was the sister. I LOVE my sister, Chastanie(ok I love Jacinta alsobut Chastanie is the sister I grew up with). Chas and I always shared a room. She has always been my best friend. We do not have secrets from each other and I think, for the most part, we have always gotten along. I am sure we had our squabbles over the years but I can never remember a time when my sister and I had a serious fight. There has never been a time that we were "not speaking" to each other. We played house together, played barbies, acted goofy, giggled, whispered, experimented with make-up, and just grew up together. To this day, we could probably pull out the Barbies and pick up where we left off. Chas and I still talk several times a week. I loved growing up with my sister and I loved being the big sister. Know matter how old she gets, I will always be her big sister. Often times I really miss those days together in our room, especially when I walk in on this scene...

Keslee is a true big sister. She is always taking care of Kalysa. She loves to try things out on her. She will get out the brush and rubberband and go to town on Kalysa's hair. In true little sister style, Kalysa puts all her faith in her big sister and lets her have free reign.

If she ends up with 15 pony tails, 32 barrettes and 4 scrunchies-she is happy to wear it all day just because her sister did it. I see myself and Chastanie so often as I watch my girls grow up together. I know my life was enriched in more ways than I will ever know just because I had a baby sister and I am so glad that my girls have that same thing. Seeing them made me start reminiscing about times with my brush, barrettes, rubberbands and a hand full of my sister's hair. Fixing her hair was one of my favorite pastimes and just like any good little sister-

(Chastanie-sometime in the 80s)
proudly wearing the 53 braids her big sister did was a given.

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