Saturday, March 21, 2009

Special Delivery!

Last week in school we began our study of our 4th continent-Africa. Right in time, we received a special delivery from Monty's sister. Latrese is in the Air Force and is stationed in Washington D.C. She is Monty's only sibling and she has no kids of her own(yet-we are still hoping for some cousins someday=)) Every so often we get a big box in the mail from Aunt Latrese filled with all kinds of goodies for everyone. This past December she took a trip with a friend to Africa and apparently did some shopping. Monty and I each got some shoes and the girls got some African outfits. She said she did not find any clothes that she thought Kenyon would wear which she is probably right because he does not like anything that may draw extra attention to him or make people look at him. He was very excited to receive a dart gun shaped like a fighter plane complete with lights and sound.

Here are Keslee and Kalysa in their new outfits.

See all the detail work on the front, that I am sure if hand sewn.

Here is Keslee in my favorite one. She looks so pretty in red. In each of our studies of the different continents we look up pictures on line and often have a page to color with traditional dress from the area. It is just so special to actually have some of the traditional dress and from someone that the kids(and their parents) love soooo much. She also sent souvenirs from Spain and California and a whole bunch of post cards with the different important American attractions around D.C. There was also a sack full of candy. I forgot to ask if they were from Africa or Spain(so Latrese, if you read this let me know). It had several different types of Chocolate bars. It is interesting to see how different candy is in other parts of the world. The chocolate was chocolate but not as sweet as ours and some of them had cookies kinda like out Kit-Kat bar. Even though they looked the same, they taste very different. Thank you Aunt Latrese for all the Great gifts and thank you for enhancing our school day! WE LOVE YOU!!

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful! It is just like the Lord to time your package just when you are learning about Africa. Great story.

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